About me. About Chrys.

2017 has been a momentous year. What am I good at? How can I package a lifetime of learning into an activity that I love? These are the questions I have thought about, in a rare ‘step-back-to-go-forward’ moment this year. The result? Chrys.

Understanding the ‘workings’ of an organisation, knowing the ‘art of the possible’, bringing people, up and down the hierarchy, together. These are my good skills that are now the DNA of Chrys. And I believe these are the skills an organisation needs in order to go painlessly through change.

Why Chrys? Because we understand what it takes to deliver business change.

‘Change’ is a crowded marketplace. The change Chrys ‘does’ is about delivering an organisation’s strategy. New target operating model, new technology, new processes. We help deliver them through strategies and practices that work ‘on the ground’, without unnecessary complexity. And when we leave an organisation, we leave an educated workforce behind, an asset that an organisation can deploy, again and again, to deliver future change with confidence. I would like to share with you what I've written about some aspects of change and the need to demystify it. You can read it here

You have signed up. What now?

First of all, I trust we can stay in touch. As Chrys develops, I would like to share news, views and the tools that we deploy and that have worked with me, again and again. Other than that, if I can help you on questions on change reply to metweet memessage me on LinkedIn. I am open-and-honest interested in hearing from you, your experience, your dilemmas.

With thanks, and much excitement, 


Photo by Diana Feil on Unsplash