Have a wonderful 2018.

Something of what I have learnt in 2017 that I would like to share with you.

Here are the references I gave in the video. I hope you will derive from them as much insight, pleasure, learnings and ideas as I have.

Books that change your life
My favourite historian of the last couple of years must be Yuval Noah Harari. In Homo Deus, he paints a picture of the future of our species both troubling and spellbinding. Beg, borrow or steal it but do not miss it.

On management consultancies
I have enjoyed the BBC World Service podcasts ’50 Things that Made the Modern Economy’ by the Financial Times’ economics leader writer Tim Harford. Snippets of observations and history in easily consumable 15-minutes bites. The one on management consultancy feels pertinent and shows, I think, that the need for good management consultancies continues to be there.

Demystifying change
Here’s an interview the good people at Deltra Group wrote up, after I spoke on demystifying change at one of their entertaining events, spaces to learn and share lessons with fellow change practitioners.  Here’s the talk I gave at an event (with a magician!) organised by re:find, our lovely HR business partners. With their characteristic generosity, they took the opportunity of the event to donate to a charity I love, the NSPCC.

A wonderful, wonderful 2018 to all of you,