Honest collaborations create powerful results. Together, we drive transformation.

Collaboration is often a cliché, a fuzzy word to describe practices that we never see work in reality. At Chrys, we know what collaboration means and we know how to make collaborations work.

To boost the benefits of dynamic collaborations for our clients, we have partnered with Xoomworks and Saltare, two established consultancies whose values we share.

Working with partners that share the same values is important to us. Professional values are important. We know Xoomworks and Saltare put a high value on change management and on delivering outcomes, not just technical go-lives. Ethical values are important. Both partners believe in creating value for the organisation, with good products, good services and in investing in the education and development of the organisation's teams. Crucially, both partners believe in collaboration, openness and honesty, the values we live by. That's precisely why we have partnered with Xoomworks. That's precisely why we have partnered with Saltare.

Ideal partners

We had already successfully collaborated with both partners. We had come together with Xoomworks to drive change in the source-to-pay business domain for a global beverage leader. We had collaborated with Saltare in resolving an impasse in the delivery of a business intelligence solution at a leading event organisation.

From their perspective, Xoomworks and Saltare needed a change partner with strong global exposure, operational capabilities, as well as the ability to move fast in dynamic markets. That’s precisely why they have partnered with Chrys.


Introducing Xoomworks


As a leading procurement consultancy Xoomworks work with a range of global to mid-sized organisations to transform procurement functions from being old-world cost centres to being innovative revenue generators. With a focus on processes and systems as well as on the behavioural changes that are key to the transformation, their achievements are remarkable.

Xoomworks' expertise covers sourcing, managing and transacting, from transactional control and visibility of spend through to sourcing and supplier management.

Introducing Saltare


Saltare provides specialised Business Intelligence and Information Management consultancy services. They help organisations understand the information they need by analysing and identifying ways in which they can work smarter, faster and aligned to their wider business strategy.

Saltare is the home of 4dBI - Four Dimensional Business Intelligence. 4dBI is Saltare’s unique methodology which is at the core of everything they do.


At Chrys, we know what collaboration means and we know how to make collaboration work. With Chrys, Xoomworks and Saltare extend their capabilities in change methodology, boosting leadership and governance. Together, we collaborate. Together, we drive transformation.

We look forward to the tremendous potential these partnerships hold.