A collaboration with PWN Global.

Francesca Valli collaborated with PWN Global as a panelist for a webinar on the Strategies and Practices for Change and Transformation: An Opportunity for Women to Lead the Way. We like PWN Global because the work they do, the spaces they create, accelerate the coming about of gender-balanced leadership in business and society.

The context

We live and conduct business in a hyper-connected age where the rate of emergence and evolution of technologies, digital or otherwise, continues to accelerate. Yet, when it comes to business change, effective practices for delivering it are often missing. We believe that, to be effective, change strategies and practices must be ‘plugged’ into the heart of the delivery.

With Unlike Before’s Deanne Earle, Francesca spoke, at the webinar, about the opportunity for women, resilient and pragmatic, to take on a pivotal role in driving the transformation.


Deanne and Francesca’s webinar answered:

  • Why leaders need to develop their own, and their teams’, change-leadership skills.

  • Why proactive leadership and management of change is critical to success if leaders are to keep up with - and respond to - constantly shifting internal and external demands for transformation.

  • Why change strategies, practices and change-appropriate plans need to be ‘plugged’ into the heart of the transformation.

And finally…

To have a copy of the slides that underpinned the panel discussion at the webinar and to discuss how you too can deliver the transformation, without the complexity, contact us.