Double-collaborations: a favourite business recipe!

The new year has started auspiciously, with the announcement of what is effectively a double-collaboration with Hydra Management. As well as integrating Chrys’ change management toolkit into their project management platform (more on this below), our founder Francesca Valli has been appointed as their change management ‘thought leader’ .

This will yield a collaboration around influencing the thinking and direction in change management, an area we know and love.

First thought? When we complicate change, we compromise business. Chrys’ tools, practices and plans are aimed at change and adoption without the usual complexities associated with the practices of business transformation. This is why they are particularly suited for integration into the Hydra cloud platform which, for years, has been effective in the project execution space. Why Hydra? Start here. Now available with Chrys’ change management toolkit - and so double-effective in helping organisations manage projects and deliver change.

Call us for an initial consultation. We’ll assess the status of your transformation programme and measure your readiness to land the change and make it stick.

This is Hydra’s welcoming announcement, graciously done, as it is their style.