When we complicate change we compromise business

And that results in delays, spiralling costs, teams lacking the confidence to deliver, internal conflict and stakeholders withdrawing support


At Chrys we keep things dynamic but simple

What we offer

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    We’ll assess the status of your transformation programme and measure your readiness to land the change and make it stick


    Programme turnaround 


    • Process & Progress - End-to-end root cause analysis of any impasse. Identification and removal of roadblocks.

    • We're All About People -  We excel in engaging with stakeholders, board members and users. We drive negotiation and make sure everyone is included in your delivery outcome.
    • Amp Up Efficiency -  We identify and mentor accountable teams already present in your organisation. All companies already have resources that can boost delivery. We make it more effective by including your resources to be part of the solution.


    Change-focused interventions


    • Problem Solving - We identify the problem areas which might impact the smooth landing of the change and offer effective solutions.

    • Democracy & Governance - We stimulate your organisation by engaging and developing business acceptance groups. We mentor talent so that change is dynamic but steady.

    • Embracing Change Methods - We take our methods seriously. We will review existing methodology and help establish what works on the ground. Then, we roll out change tools such as impact assessment, readiness criteria and sign off processes.

    Together We Thrive


    We partner with other professionals to provide a one-stop shop solution that covers comprehensive business needs

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